Briefly, here are some of the primary characteristics that fortunately or not most define who I am in this life at this time.  In other words, if you ask someone who knows me to tell you about me, this is what you’d get:

  • His name is David.
  • He was born in 1978
  • He has Lyme disease.
  • He’s imaginative and, when not being lazy, creative.
  • He paints and draws.
  • The pictures aren’t always pretty.
  • He writes.  He has an MFA in creative writing and has done a lot of interviews with musicians and some writing about LGBT stuff.
  • He has aspirations to be a legitimate artist and a better-published writer, but as an introvert, and as a person who is often confined to his home due to illness, he’s not a wheeler-and-dealer self-marketing freelance writer type…
  • …and yet he has so much to say.
  • He says he read in a book (The Secret Language of Birthdays) that he was born on “the day of artistic materialized fantasy”–and that, he says, is a perfect description for his entire life goal: to materialize fantasy.
  • He has a ton of broad and widespread interests, many seemingly unrelated.  They include: expressionist art, writing, science, neuroscience, Lyme and associated diseases, alternative medicine, ancient civilizations, lost technologies, marine biology, botany, consciousness in general, Gnostic philosophies, mysticism, magic, transcendentalism, shamanism and related practices, our places in the world, environmentalism and respecting nature and our mother planet, paradoxes, science fiction, humanitarianism, aggressively thinking beyond typically defined limits.  Each of these has a place for discussion here–discussion, not one-way dialogue.  If anyone happens to hand on this little out-there planet of a blog and has related or differing opinions, I want to know them.  Please share, but unthinking attacks are not welcome here.  We don’t do that here.  Come with thoughtful dialogue; no name calling, no parroting of political party lines.
  • He can also be found on Twitter @Artistlike


    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for taking the time and effort to assess and offer such a constructive critique of my work and my thoughts. Upon reflection and as a result of your words, I have come to realize that I am indeed a pathetic waste of time–in fact, a totally hollow human being with a vapid and empty mind that generates a veritable landfill of trash that the world does not need. I will immediately cease all independent thought and expression. Should you have the time and the kindness of spirit, I would appreciate it greatly if you’d please let me know what I should be thinking, feeling, and saying. Please consider me from this point forward a channel through which you should amplify your clearly superior substance and talents.

      I await your reply,

      Your humble servant.


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