The only thing every Republican voter needs to know about Donald Trump

You’re fucked.

You’re just absolutely, totally fucked.

You have been conned by a New York City conman, a shyster, a good friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton.


You can deny it to yourself, but Donald Trump could not have been clearer about his stance on every issue you care about:

  • Taxes? He’s going to raise them.
  • Guns? He’s for greater gun control and is going to take guns away from American people.
  • Abortion? He’s “very, very pro-choice” and even in favor of partial-birth abortions. You’re going to vote for someone who supports slicing and dicing fetuses. Have fun justifying that to yourself.
  • Immigration? He’s not actually anti-immigrant at all and feels that people who have been here for years deserve to stay here. His words.
  • Gay rights? Times are changing, he says. He supports gay marriage. He’s been part of friends’ gay weddings.
  • Nancy Pelosi? He’s “very impressed” with her.
  • Barack Obama? Trump has been a big supporter.
  • And what about Hillary Clinton? They’re “good friends.” Your candidate is “very good friends” with Bill and Hillary Clinton. He thinks she’ll be a “great president or vice president.”

You are going to vote for Donald Trump because you are really fucking stupid.

But guess what? You don’t have any choice.

You could have chosen any legitimate Republican candidate, from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio, anyone who would have actually believed in what you believe in.

But you chose Donald Trump, good friend of Hillary Clinton, and your choices now are Hillary Clinton or Friend of Hillary Clinton.

Enjoy the next couple of months, because after you get your guy in the White House, you’re going to find out exactly how stupid you were to vote for him. But don’t worry about it. There’s no point because now you have no choice.

Have a nice day. 🙂



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